Disaster Recovery Solution – Service that derives electronic billing information (XML, PDF and CDR files) to AWS Simple Storage Service – TAMBO Stores

Executive Summary

TAMBO has been in operation for 3 years, has more than 300 stores and to date it issues 6 million electronic payment vouchers [CPE] on average monthly, representing 12 million files. This implied that its NFS under an on-premise environment, in which the CPEs are stored, would collapse precisely due to the substantial growth in the issuance of documents in each of its premises. To address this issue, AWS S3 was implemented to create a highly available and scalable architecture. Being a critical system, the accepted challenge was to implement an agent that transfers the information to AWS S3 in the shortest possible time. Our solution involved creating an Organizational Unit in the Complexless account, enabling an S3 bucket that contains the distribution and corresponding structure for electronic payment vouchers.

About the Client

TAMBO is a Peruvian chain of convenience stores belonging to the Lindley family. It is the largest chain of its kind in Peru, it has more than 300 stores nationwide, it is dedicated to the sale of groceries, sweets, drinks, breakfasts, sandwiches, desserts and take away food, in addition to the payment of services.

Customer Challenges

  • Ensure the availability of its Electronic Invoice platform and the associated services that manipulate NFS information, since when the NFS collapses, it is not possible to store the electronic payment vouchers issued, nor to query them.
  • Implement an agent that transfers the information (6 million CPEs, representing 12 million files, including XML, PDF, CDR) to Amazon Web Services S3, and allows the manipulation of information older than 90 calendar days, being able to grow on demand , guaranteeing availability at an effective cost.
  • The allowed downtime is minimal, and may have implications of administrative sanctions by SUNAT, due to the non-availability of payment vouchers, as well as the non-timely presentation of them.

¿Why AWS?

Given the criticality of the application, an experienced cloud service provider is needed, who can provide scalability on demand, high availability and fault tolerance. It is necessary to be able to scale the storage in a simple way as the agent that transfers and manipulates the information requires it. All these requirements are fulfilled by Amazon Web Services S3, guaranteeing its ease of use, security, availability, costs, scalability, ease of interaction with applications, ease of content distribution.

¿Why Complexless?

Complexless has extensive experience in the design of cloud architecture, construction of AWS applications and services, making them the strategic ally to attend to these types of requirements, in addition to having extensive knowledge and mastery of Electronic Invoicing. It has several certified engineers who provide excellent customer service and excellent incident response time.


The proposed solution includes the following components:

  • An agent with the access credentials to transfer information to Amazon Web Services S3.
  • An Amazon Web Services S3 bucket for storing and retrieving electronic payment receipt information.

Results and Benefits

  • Instant information transfer and retrieval
  • Availability, scalability and elasticity
  • Pay on demand
  • client: Kers
  • Location: Usa
  • Surface Area: Skermset
  • Architect: Istiak
  • Year Of Complited: 2018
  • Project Value: 50k